Chicken Invaders 3


Chicken Invaders 3

They’ve been grilled, fried, and held captive for centuries, and these fowl have had enough in this updated version of the ever-popular Chicken Invaders game. They may be feathered, but they’re smart (they were smart enough to take over the galaxy, after all……and you?). They’re not taking it anymore. We beat them in Chicken Invaders 2, so now they’re back with a bigger stronger army than ever. Face 120 waves of attacks while exploring 12 star systems. Earn 30 bonuses & 13 potential medals (if you survive, that is.) Enjoy bright graphics and hilarious effects as you blast them to pieces while watching for falling eggs. System requirements: Windows XP or Vista. CPU: 600 MHz. 128 Mb RAM. 22Mb hard drive. Human requirements: must not be afraid of chickens. Hunger for chicken encouraged.
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Type Shareware

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