Christmas Songs Music


All the Christmas carols on your device


  • Tones of Christmas carols to choose
  • Files sharing through e-mail and social networks
  • Establish songs as phone tones
  • Free app


  • This is an app that you may use only once a year

Christmas is one of the most loved times for everyone. Cities are decorated with big Christmas trees and colorful lights, all decorated with snow and people sharing happiness everywhere. But there is something really important and special about Christmas that makes it so unique and happy and it is the music: everyone knows about Christmas carols! Now you can listen to all of them every time you want –even if it’s not Christmas time- on your device thanks to the next app: Christmas Songs Music.

All Christmas carols in just one place

That’s what Christmas Songs Music app offers to you. You can choose from all the most known carols to listening and singing them every time you want and enjoy happy moments with your family around the Christmas tree and discovering the gifts.

Only listening to the songs? No, there is more

With Christmas Songs Music you can set the songs as ringtones for each one of your contacts of the contacts list; also to set them as a message tone; or use them as alarm sound or timer –in this case you can even establish the duration time-; even you can set it as a widget and to share the files through the social networks or by e-mail.


If you always love to spend Christmas time with your beloved friends and family and you always enjoy singing all the Christmas carols, don’t think twice and download Christmas Songs Music, is a free app and specially developed for all kind of devices so anyone can use it.

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Type Freeware

Version 3.0

Size 19.56 MB

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