ChrisTV Lite


ChrisTV Lite

If you like to watch TV using the computer, ChrisTV Lite is an excellent way to satisfy your expectations. With this interesting public domain utility, you will have at your disposal the chance to syntonize the signal of any TV channel you wish.

Besides, ChrisTV Lite is perfectly compatible with any of the necessary cards to visualize the TV contents. It can work together with “Philips SAA713x”, “Conexant CX23881” or with the “BT8x8” chips. This tool supports more than 18 languages.

Fitted with a good structured interface, ChrisTV Lite is also capable of performing a great quantity of actions: it can perform an automatic channel search and configurate the emisión parameters such as brightness, the contrast or the volume.
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Type Freeware

Version 6.30

Size 2.31 MB

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