Chrome for Android


Use Chrome on your smartphone!

Do you love Google Chrome but wish you could have the same super fast internet on your smartphone or tablet? Your wish has been granted! Now you can have all the sweet benefits of surfing the web that Chrome has to offer, but for your phone! Chrome for Android is the fastest internet app for smartphones and tablets.

Chrome for Android lets you enjoy all the great characteristics of Google Chrome like being able to surf the web at lightspeed. Pages also load much faster and scrolling and zooming are a breeze. Keep as many tabs open as you want, and easily peruse them by either using a fanning motion or swiping, depending on the device.

Easily sync your Chrome accounts by simply signing in. All your settings and personalizations will transfer over and everything will be the same, from tabs to omnibox data. You can even send interesting pages you find to from your computer to your mobile device with Chrome for Android and check them out later. Download Chrome for Android free and start surfing better and faster!

Chrome for Android Features:
• Super fast searching and navigating
• Easily sync up with your computer´s Chrome account
• Incognito mode allows you to browse in private
• Send pages from your computer to your device to view later
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Type Freeware

Version 50.0.2657.12

Size 65.27 MB

Other versions

50.0.2657.12 45.0.2454.84 43.0.2357.92 43.0.2357.93 44.0.2403.128