The easiest way to share links between devices and computers


  • Send links from computer to mobile device
  • Send links from websites, Maps, Youtube and more
  • Easy to sync and to use


  • Only available for Chrome browser

More than once you probably needed to open the link of a website you found on your computer but on your mobile device and you didn’t saved it anywhere and you didn’t remember which was. Now you can open them easily on your mobile device directly from your computer with Chrome to Phone.

How to use Chrome to Phone

Chrome to Phone is quite simple to use: first of all, you have to install the app on your phone and also to install the extension on Chrome browser on your computer. After that you have to link your phone account to Chrome and you will be ready to use it.
From now on, once you need to send a link to your phone is as simple as to click on the extension icon on the browser and the website link will be copied and transferred directly to your phone and it will be opened.

Links from everywhere and even telephone numbers

The links you can send can be from any kind of website, as well as links from Youtube videos or Maps addresses. Everything will be opened automatically on your device.
In addition, you can send telephone numbers: just select the number on the screen, do right click and choose the option Chrome to Phone to send it.
Besides, you can choose if you want that all the links open automatically on your device or to open them manually.


If you usually surf a lot and you always need the links of a lot of websites, Chrome to Phone will be a must have app on your device to save a lot of time and with no need to add new bookmarks to your browser.

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Version Android 2.2

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