Chromium, a light navigator by Google


  • Free navigator
  • It is compatible with Chrome extensions
  • It is secure, fast and stable navigator


  • It doesn´t work fine with OS X old versions

Aforetime we had a few options to choose between if we wanted to navigate across Internet using Mac, but today all this has change, and the ways to do has expanded incredible. You can choose between weight and full equiped browsers until light and speedy ones like the app we would like to introduce you today: Chromium.

Chromium is a web navigator created by Google taking as a reference the code of Chrome, but with many differences that makes of this one a new option. Chromium has not by default the option to run technologies like PDF or Flash, and at the same time it has not an automatic upgrade system like others. You will be thinking now that this is a time waste, really? But not at all, becouse Google has developed this kind of navigator so you can have the control over all that is installed and the upgrades -you have to make them handly-. Chromium is like an artisan explorer.

In short words it is a great navigator if you need to go across Internet as a gazelle, speedy and taking the control over all movements. Would you like to have this app in your Mac? Then, what are you waiting for to download Chromium to your Mac?

Chromium icon

Type Freeware

Version 65.0.3307.0

Size 74.88 MB

Other versions

65.0.3307.0 56.0.2902.0 54.0.2838.0 53.0.2781.0 50.0.2654.0