Chundos + turbo Lite


Run and win in crazy races around Mexico


  • Funny game
  • 3 game modes
  • 6 different cars
  • 6 characters to choose


  • Low graphics
  • Demands 1 GB RAM minimum

Feel the emotion of exciting races across Mexico by the hand of a crazy game. Its name is Chundos + turbo Lite

Compete against your rivals

At Chundos + turbo Lite you will have the chance to participate in 3 different game modes: single mode, where you play freely without any kind of presion; cup mode, where you will have to overcome all the rounds to become the winner; and the battle mode, where you will have to run and defeat your rivals using different kinds of weapons, such as a shield to protect yourself and a bazooka, grenades and machine guns to hit the rivals.

Choose your car

Chundos + turbo Lite includes 6 different cars to choose, each one with their own features of speed, control and acceleration. Also there are 6 different characters to choose that will drive the cars. Moreover, you will play in 6 different tracks with a common environment of Mexico.
But you will have to take care during races: there are turbo boosts that will give you extra speed during a few seconds to leave behind your rivals, but there are others that will slow you down so rivals can overtake you!


Chundos + turbo Lite is a casual game with which you can kill time taking part in funny races and testing your abilities. It’s a free game, although there are some elements you can get by in app purchase. Despite of being a simple game, it demands a lot of resources from the device and it’s recommendable to have 1 GB RAM to enjoy a great gaming experience.

Chundos + turbo Lite icon

Type Freeware

Version 2.0.3

Size 46.86 MB

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