Make backup copies of your multimedia collection with the convenient Clone CD


  • High conversion speed
  • Doesn’t use a lot of resources
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Copies protected discs


  • Doesn’t allow many manual adjustments

CloneCD is a CD and DVD utility to make identical copies of any type of disc. Despite its name, CloneCD is compatible with any type of disc, not just CDs. Thus, it lets you copy your DVDS, whether they are DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM or any other type, including double-layer.

It also lets you clone virtual images in formats such as ISO or UDF and burn them to an optical disc without leaving the program. With this application you can create duplicates that are 100% exact. This makes it ideal for creating backups of your music CDs, for example, to avoid damaging your originals with constant use. CloneCD allows you to copy protected discs so that they can be read by any player. CloneCD will also emulate and amplify weak sectors in the originals. It means that even if your CDs or DVDs are worn in some sectors, you’ll get duplicates in a high quality.

CloneCD creates copies with great speed in comparison to similar applications. Being a very lightweight program, it keeps resource usage to a minimum, so you won’t experience slowness or a lack of stability if you want to use the computer while the software carries out its job.

One of CloneCD’s greatest benefits is its ease of use. It can br installed quickly and doesn’t require too many configurations. Its interface is simple, well-organized and divided by functions. As soon as you open the program you must choose the task you want to carry out, whether it is cloning, creating an image, recording or deleting a rewritable disc. Then you choose the CD or DVD type with which you’ll work. Once you specify whether it´s a music, multimedia or data disc, a game or a protected disc, the process will start.

From the options menu you are able to adjust everything from the interface language to the recording speed and, although it doesn’t let you specify a large number of settings for the copy process, you’ll get high-quality results with the default configuration.

In summary, CloneCD is a simple and fast application, with which you’ll carry out all the tasks related to copying and recording discs. Download it for free!

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