Club Paradise


Serve endless waves of customers in a hotel resort in this great time management game!


  • Bright, vibrant graphics and exotic hotel environment
  • Challenging time management and multitasking
  • Objective-based levels
  • Earn stars and coins to purchase upgrades
  • Simple point-and-click controls


  • Sharp increase in difficulty in later levels

Club Paradise is a free strategy and time management game for PC, developed by IZ Games, in which you help manage and run a successful holiday resort called Club Paradise and explore the lives of its diverse guests. The game is available here as a trial version. The full version is available externally. 

Core Gameplay and Mechanics

You are an employee in a famous hotel/ holiday resort known as Club Paradise. Having been informed of the influx of a new set of intriguing customers, you make preparations to ensure that their accommodations are as comfortable as possible upon arrival. Little do you know that their lives are a lot more interesting than you realized and the game becomes as much about observing the intricacies of their relationships as it is about serving the customers' needs. 

When you begin the game you will see a map screen with various areas of the resort. Initially, only the pool area is accessible. The main objective of a level is to ensure that any conveniences or utilities available to the customers are delivered promptly and in order. Controls are very simple to pick up, utilizing a point-and-click system for moving and interacting with customers. As a server, you must ensure the customers are seated appropriately (on sun loungers, for example) and that they are supplied with refreshments, tanning lotion or whatever else they need. 

User Interface and Rewards

Interacting with a customer can be done by clicking on them. A customer's needs are displayed above their head such as a particular drink, swimming, playing ball, tanning lotion, and sunburn. Queueing up the items ahead of time will ensure that you're ready when new customers come. At the beginning of each level, you will be given a set of objectives to fulfil. Typically this will involve a time goal, a star goal and a money goal. Stars are received from customers when you have fulfilled their needs. The number of stars depends on how quickly you respond to them. If you place a customer in the wrong place, give them the wrong drink, or waste any items you are carrying in the recycling bin, you will lose points towards your goals. A level is complete when you have fulfilled the minimum required objectives. Bonus stars are given if you surpass those targets.

When you have earned enough money, you can also purchase upgrades for your sun chair, movement speed of your waitress, amongst many other bonuses. These will make it easier to deal with the constant influx of customers. 

One thing I noticed was that as you progress through levels they will become far more difficult quite quickly, requiring you to manage many customers at a time, both serving drinks and pool side. While the game by no means requires a perfect score to achieve objectives, for some the game might be too much to manage. 

Graphics, Visuals and Sound

The gameplay is generally quite cheerful and upbeat, and the graphics follow suit. Bright colors, sparkling scenes, happy customers. All are animated in a sharp and elegant style and vary depending on context. When in a sun chair, in a pool, or standing still, customers will behave differently. The music, too, fits the theme of a sunny, tropical resort. 

The Verdict

All in all, Club Paradise is an excellent time management and strategy game, requiring you to maintain the needs of many different customers in a hotel/ resort. Serve drinks, offer tanning lotion, place customers on sun chairs, in the pool, and much more. With great graphics for characters and environments, addictive and challenging gameplay and immersive objective-based gameplay, the game is a must play for fans of the genre. The difficulty climbs sharply as levels go on, however, so keep that in mind. If that's what you enjoy, though, definitely try downloading this game. The trial version is more than sufficient to test it out. 


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