Coda, the web creator app for Mac


  • The app offers you an advance text editing suite
  • It is compatible with FTP, SSH and more
  • Plugins gallery


  • It could be complicated to use

Are you a web developer and are you looking for an application to make webs using a programming environment? Then, if you are a proffesional user you have found the resource you were looking for; his name is Coda, and it is one of the best coding suites for Mac.

Thanks to Coda you will be able to make the programming of your web page regardless the language you use for. You can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and much more; you will have a useful panel with you can connect to MySQL databases, the possibility to synchronize data between different Macs that could be running the app, tab organization system, code completion system, integration of core features and much more that will make you easier the way to develope a great web sites.

In short words it is an application created for proffesional users and developers. Would you like to have it installed in your Mac? Then, what are you waiting for to download Coda? It is a free application, so you will not have to make any payment when download, run or use. The perfect way also to learn programming in Mac! What are you waiting for to download it?

Coda icon

Type Shareware

Version 2.5.17

Size 88.42 MB

Other versions

2.5.17 2.5.16