Codename: Eagle


Play your part in the Russian Revolution with action-packed Codename Eagle


  • Thrilling first person shooter
  • Great multi-player options


  • Basic graphics.

Codename Eagle is a battle field based first-person shooter game for PC. You need to use everything at your disposal to battle against the increasingly powerful Russian war machine.

This is a first person shooter so you need to guide your soldier through a battlefield by picking up weapons and occupying vehicles to complete missions.

Codename Eagle takes place in 1917 but this is not a game that is based on actual events, instead it presents an alternative take on historic events. In Codename Eagle World War I never happened, Russia is growing in power and threatening to throw Europe into war. You control an operative of the “Shadow Command” organization and your goal is to uncover the Russian Tsar’s plans for Europe. While you are gleaming this vital information for the European allies you must also destroy the Russian war machine using whatever means possible.

Controlling your operative through war ready Russia is no easy task. You need to occupy planes, helicopters, tanks, boats in order to complete your missions.

Graphically Codename Eagle isn’t particularly striking. Some gamers may find a little basic, but Codename Eagle is about excitement and not aesthetics.

As well as providing thrilling single player gameplay Codename Eagle also offers excellent multi-player options. There are three different multi-player gameplay modes that you can enjoy Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting shooter game then look no further than Codename Eagle.

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Version 1.0

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