Collapse! is the best way to have fun with blocks


  • Fun
  • Addictive
  • Challenging


  • You can get tired of this soon

Collapse! is an entertaining puzzle game, full of small colored blocks that are stacked on the screen. The aim of the game is to click on the blocks to make them disappear, and completely clear each level.

It sounds easy, right? Well it is not too much. Every game has its rules, and in this case should be given a couple of conditions to clear the screen. The first one is that you can only click on blocks that have at their side (top, bottom or sides) another block of the same color. The second way to clear blocks in Collapse! It is through special blocks (pumps and other devices), but these are rare.

In short: do some carefully clicking. Keep a cool head and try to see a couple of moves ahead. In Collapse! what matters most is the strategy. This game includes three different game modes, especially designed to give a special twist to the style of Collapse! and not getting bored.

Collapse! runs on virtually any computer, consumes very few resources and it does not precise special hardware to enjoy it.

In short, Collapse! delivers 180 fun levels, which are spread over a colorful map. As you progress, you're going to face enemies and unlock special upgrades for your avatar.

Let the world Collapse! It will fall over. Far from being dangerous, it will be a fun experience.

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Type Demo

Version 1.0

Size 599.49 kB

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