Coloring book 9: Little Monsters


Coloring book 9: Little Monsters

Tired of all the games that your kids have been playing on the Internet that are violent and doesn’t make their time productive? Here's one software that every parent must have, Coloring book 9: Little Monsters. This application contains 50 pages of delightful pictures of little monsters that you child can color and tinker with. The little monsters are usually featured in playful mood, or other more interesting activities. Other scenes depicted in the coloring book include little monsters playing with balls, playing at the beach, bathing, swimming, playing at the playground, reading, flying a kite, playing with bubbles, playing music, playing horse, playing on a horse, playing with blocks, riding a tricycle, watching TV, playing dress up, and many more. Let your kids try Coloring book 9: Little Monsters and they'll surely love it.
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