View ASCII art files thanks to this small program that requires no installation

Compact NFO Viewer is a text viewer specially designed for files that contain “ASCII art”, that is, images created with text characters, normally stored with NFO, TXT or DIZ extensions.

Compact NFO Viewer is not just useful to correctly view ASCII images. It also lets you see and read files with descriptions that are normally distributed with some applications. The NFO extension is used by Windows to store specific information about the system, and you need a special viewer to read them.

Some of Compact NFO Viewer for Windows’s benefits include its small size and its low resource usage. It works quickly, and it will load NFO files instantly. Besides, it opens files of any size, and it integrates with Windows to associate with certain default format.

On the other hand, Compact NFO Viewer requires no installation and leaves no record on your system. This application lets you customize the text color and the background, and it automatically detects the URL addresses and shows them as links, to let you click them directly and visit the corresponding website.

Don’t hesitate any longer to download Compact NFO Viewer for free, a compact and effective tool to view NFO files.

• Requires no installation
• Customizable look
• Very lightweight
• Detects URLs automatically

• Includes no advanced features

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Type Freeware

Version 1.5.6

Size 670.5 kB

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