Cool Edit Pro


Edit, record and mix any audio file and add special effects

Cool Edit Pro is one of the most powerful and frequently chosen audio editing software on the market. With this application you’ll be able to record, mix and edit any audio file in the fastest way and with professional results.

With this program you’ll be able to process audio files handling different editing components, for example tools to reduce noise, insert delays, chorus, modify the pitch and the tempo, etc. Besides, Cool Edit Pro will let you customize any multimedia contents to your liking, adding the best special effects to your music.

Cool Edit Pro works with a graphical control interface that is complete but very intuitive, so you won’t need a lot of knowledge to start using it. This application is oriented both towards professional editors and the common users who want to explore different music file qualities. You’ll be able to choose between different ways to view the time a song lasts, to improve the final result’s quality.

Cool Edit Pro includes two different editing modes:
• WAV file editing: lets you work on a simple audio track (mono or stereo);
• Multitrack editing: lets you edit more than one audio control at once.

Carry out your projects without complications

With Cool Edit Pro you’ll no longer have to worry about compatibility problems, since it supports over 25 different sound formats (including Blu-ray and OGG) and the capacity to work with files up to 2 GB in size. The software will also let you mix up to 128 tracks in parallel and create polyphonic sounds with the MIDI extension.

A final detail to keep in mind is that, if you need to eliminate voices from your audio files, with Cool Edit Pro you’ll be able to do this without any problem. This is because it includes the required tools to silence the corresponding track and get excellent results.

Download Cool Edit Pro now for free and discover, on your own, the different options that you’ll have to create your own songs in a totally efficient way.

• Wide format support
• Intuitive interface
• High detail level
• Supports batch processing
• Real-time preview

• Features are complex for the average user

Cool Edit Pro limitations:
• 21-day trial
• 10 seconds conversion per file

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Type Shareware

Version 2.1 Build 3097.0

Size 16.17 MB

Other versions

2.1 Build 3097.0