Counter Strike Global Offensive


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the remake of the most popular FPS game


  • New maps and equipment
  • New game modes
  • Updated graphics and sound
  • Excellent online mode


  • Few scenarios are available

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a re-edition of one of the most popular action and shooting games worldwide. You’ll be able to have fun once again with this competitive title that has been updated with some new elements, to adapt well to modern times.

A new Counter Strike

In this edition, Counter-Strike 2012 doesn’t purport to be a sequel of the popular terrorist and anti-terrorist game; rather, it´s an update in which some elements are renewed, but conserving the same game mechanics.

For a start, graphics have been improved, showing more details in weapons, characters, and the scenarios. Besides, some of the existing maps went through minor modifications, contributing to a more agile and fun game. New scenarios are also included, in the same style as the previous ones, full of places to hide and to seek cover from enemy fire, sneak away between enemies, or ambush them. CS: GO also brings new weapons, from assault rifles and smoke grenades to Molotov bombs that will cause fires and block escape routes for your enemies.

On the other hand, game mechanics are very similar and includes some minor changes. Depending on the map where you are, the missions and objectives will vary. In some scenarios, the terrorists will have to plant bombs, while the opponents try to stop them, and in others there will be a hostage situation or a confrontation to death between both sides.

Just as in the original Counter Strike version, you’ll have to be very careful for instance once you die, you won’t appear on the map again and you’ll remain as a silent spectator for the remainder of the game. Also, every time you eliminate a player or win a round, you’ll get money that will help you buy weapons or equipment. Furthermore, if you survive and win, you’ll be able to keep these elements or you’ll have to buy them again.

A new way to play

CS: Global Offensive includes new game modes, which includes a casual one, no money restrictions and a competitive one. Another mode to play is “Arsenal”, in which you’ll start with a simple pistol and every time you eliminate an opponent, you get a new weapon. Once you have used all of them you’ll be the winner.

Besides, the online mode has been improved, as you´ll be playing with other players of the same skill level in order to achieve a well-balanced game. In case there aren’t enough humans for a round of five against five, the teams will be filled with bots that have the same skill level as the real participants.

As you win matches, your name will move up the leader board, and you’ll confront other opponents that will present a challenge. Obviously you’ll be able to play customized games over a LAN network, with any number of participants.

Lastly, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta helped guide the development of CS: GO as players from all over the world participated. As a result, you’ll have hours of fun trying out the new and improved features.
Here you will find an ISO image of the game, so once you finish the download you’ll have to mount the virtual image (using a program such as DAEMON Tools). Then you’ll have to run the file as an administrator and follow the installation instructions.

Download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for free and relive the action of a classic once again!

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Type Shareware

Version Beta

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