What’s your computer made up of? Discover what, with CPU-Z!


  • Recognize your computer’s components
  • Extremely detailed reports.
  • You can export the data.


  • The appearance could be improved a lot.

Thanks to CPU-Z, you can carry out an analysis of your computer, getting detailed information on the main components. “That’s just for computer geeks,” we hear you cry. But we’re all affected by poor computer performance, and with this you can view the distinct parts of your computer and make tweaks of something’s not performing as well as it should. You can also ‘benchmark’ when you add a new component, so you know the program will be up to date.

An exhaustive analysis

With CPU-Z you’ll have all the information related to the CPU to hand: the type of processor it has, the socket, the clock speed, the system caché, the memory of installed modules, the motherboard and much more. The depth of detail it goes into is quite something; you’ll never be short of the most technical of specifications.

CPU-Z has hardly any impact when analyzing the computer. It’s a very light program as the workflow is quite specific: run it, view the results, save or export them, and then close it. In that sense, CPU-Z is a remarkable benchmarking tool; you can take screenshots (by pressing F5), or even upload your results to the web and ‘compete’ with the rest of the community.

Fast and to-the-point reports

The appearance of CPU-Z is pretty stripped-back, although that in no way means it’s useless. On the contrary; the idea is that the priority is the information itself rather than the presentation of it.

On top of that, CPU-Z has the option to export the data in TXT or HTML forms, both great ways to send the report via email or revise afterwards at your leisure. In short, it’s an excellent tool in that you’ll end up knowing the inside of your computer like the back of your hand, leaving no nasty secrets unturned!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.78

Size 1.61 MB

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