CpuUsage System Service


Optimize Windows and improve your processor's performance with this utility

CpuUsageSystemService is a utility to optimize Windows, especially designed to let you permanently control your processor’s performance without opening the Windows Task Manager.

CpuUsageSystemService for Windows is very lightweight and uses almost no resource, so it won’t negatively affect your computer’s stability or speed. Besides, since it´s small, it won’t use a lot of space on the hard disk, nor will it slow it down.

Basically, CpuUsageSystemService places a small icon on the Taskbar, where it will show you the processor workload at all times. From there you’ll have access to a small context menu where you’ll be able to configure and customize this handy tool.

If you are looking for a small but effective utility that will help you monitor your PC’s performance, don’t hesitate any longer to download CpuUsageSystemServicefor free.

• Doesn’t use much space
• Doesn’t use a lot of resources
• Shows the CPU performance at all times

• No graphic interface

CpuUsage System Service icon

Type Freeware

Version 1.0

Size 487.61 kB

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