CraftStudio is a construction game in which you’ll be able to create your own games and movies. Easy to use, it’ll invite you to let your imagination run wild.

This fun proposal in the likes of Minecraft will offer you the necessary instruments to generate the scenes and characters you want. You’ll be surprised by its ease of use and the variety of its tools.

After downloading CraftStudio, you’ll encounter a creative laboratory in which you’ll take textures and brushes to give shape to your own characters. Thus, you’ll create videos in which you’ll recount adventures through images created by yourself.

Besides, this title has a multiplayer mode which will let you create projects with your friends over the Internet. Thus, for example, you’ll model the wheels of a car, while your friend will paint its bodywork at the same time.

CraftStudio also has maps made up of 3D cubes rows that you’ll color any way you want. Once you are satisfied with your creation, you’ll be able to export it and share it. You’ll also be able to upload it to the game’s online store.

For all of these reasons, if you like construction games and if you like the idea of creating them on your own, we recommend that you download CraftStudio.

• A complete construction game
• Lets you create games and movies
• Easy to use
• Multiplayer mode enabled

• Since it is currently under development, errors may appear
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Type Freeware

Version Free

Size 7.3 MB

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