CrazyTalk Media Studio Edition


CrazyTalk Media Studio Edition

CrazyTalk Media Studio Edition is a program to create animated images on the basis of your own photographs. With this software you will be able to give life to your images using all sorts of movements and even voices.

This program has a timeline with which you will be able to work in the sequence of movements for your character. Thus you define the gestures of the head, lips and shoulders with a surprising precision.

CrazyTalk Media Studio Edition also includes two audio tracks which you can use to add your voice or that of anyone you want as well as a sound track according to your animation. If you decide to include a monologue, you will be able to synchronize your character’s lips to make the final result more realistic.

This software is rounded up by some video effects you will be able to use to improve your project’s final quality.


- Simple method of animating photos
- Possibility of adapting movements to the sound


- Some movements look rudimentary
- Animations are limited to the face area

CrazyTalk Media Studio Edition limitations:

- 15-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 6.21 Pro

Size 151.4 MB

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6.21 Pro