Create is a puzzle game especially designed for children, in which the objective is to create and solve a large number of challenges.

In this fun game you’ll go through a lot of colorful sceneries that will present you with different puzzles that you must solve with the greatest creativity. This title will put your wit to test, since there are different ways to solve each task, some more conventional than others.

Besides, Create lets you build the world around you. You have a large number of tools available, such as brushes, textures, objects, animations, structures, etc. That way you’ll be able to design works of art around you and combine different styles to achieve a unique environment.

The more you use your imagination, the greater will be your reward, since by creating different environments you’ll be able to unlock new levels, items and challenges. In summary, Create is an entertaining game that will free your imagination and help you exploit your creativity, regardless of your age.

• Wide range of options
• Excellent gameplay
• Intuitive interface
• Attractive graphics
• Detailed sceneries

• Nothing to report

Create limitations:
• Restricted features
• Limited time use
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Type Demo

Version 1.1

Size 2 B

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