Curiosity for PC is a fun and challenging puzzle game

Curiosity is a fun and challenging Indie puzzle game developed by 22Cans. This is an unusual type of puzzle game that had a secret to uncover and millions of users around the world are out there battling to see who´s the first to uncover this piece.

The first day Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube has launched, their servers crashed immediately with a huge crowd showing their interest immediately.

22 experiments that can either amaze or shock you

The team in the studio has mentioned that there will be 22 different levels or experiments which will all build towards a single point. Something noteworthy is that the figure consist out of 60 million small cubes, and the main objective is to find out what is hidden in the center of everything. The first person to get to the core
will be blown away with the surprise he/she is about to receive.

To get access to the dough, participants of Curiosity for PC must eliminate all the pieces that separate them from it. On the other hand, the shape is truly enormous, as each face of the polyhedron can in turn form an infinite number of points you have to destroy. As a form of help, players will gradually receive coins that unlock available tools that eliminate large areas.

After you download the Curiosity game, you can immediately start to compete and then compare scores with the huge amount of players around the globe.

Lastly, to be able to play this title on your Windows computer, you need to download an Android emulator called Bluestacks, which you can find on our portal, and then use the APK file we offer you to start enjoy the challenges that lies ahead of you.

In summary, this title will test your skills and patience to get to the mystery piece first. Also, you´ll be entertained for hours, so go ahead and try out Curiosity now!

• 60 million pieces to eliminate
• Challenging puzzle game
• Receive bonuses
• Unlock tools to eliminate large areas
• No cost

• Gameplay can get repetitive

Curiosity requirements:
• Install an Android emulator
Curiosity icon

Type Freeware

Version 1.2

Size 11.4 MB

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