Currency Calculator


An app for mobile that makes it easy to work out exchange rates and spending while abroad


  • Calculate exchange rates
  • 150 currencies to work with
  • Good UI design


  • Nothing noteworthy

Currency Calculator is a smart application for mobile that you can use to quickly convert your currency to another with ease.

It is by far an excellent app to use while you are abroad, to work out exchange rates and figure out how much something costs in another country relative to your own. The app can also be used to analyse what you are spending while you travel and work away from home.

Currency Calculator has helpful features such as charts and cached rates. It also works with as many as 150 different currencies including the Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, and the British Pound.

If you are abroad, whether just exploring or living, you should download this app to monitor the exchange rates and your own spending. It can also come in useful if you're just making a purchase overseas and wish to determine said product costs by your currency.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.5.3

Size 3.02 MB

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