Try your hand at coaching your favorite football team with Cyberfoot!


  • Great selection of teams and players
  • Ability to play in world renowned tournaments


  • Hard to manage finances

Cyberfoot is a strategic downloadable sports game for your PC. It allows you to coach your own soccer team.

If you have ever found yourself yelling directions at soccer teams then Cyberfoot is the perfect game for! You can choose a team from national or international leagues and play in a variety of renowned competitions including the Champions League and the FIFA World Cup.

The game provides you with more than 350 teams to choose from and includes more than 6000 real players.

The aim of the game is to coach your selected team and achieve management skills by being a talented strategist. You can do this by choosing different gameplays and ensuring your team have a strong bench. Although scoring goals is important it is not the game's main objective, your general managerial performance determines how well you succeed in Cyberfoot.

One of the ways to improve your performance is also a very fun element of the game, the buying and selling of players. It is important to remember to keep an eye on your clubs finances as well so don’t blow your entire budget on one world class player, after all soccer is a team sport!

The latest version of the game comes with a visual line up of your team so you can see the exact formations on your computer screen. This is a useful way to see what players are playing well in different positions.

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Type Shareware

Version 2010

Size 3.89 MB

Other versions

2010 2007