Complete your architecture projects with this alternative to AutoCAD

CYPE is a CAD design program that presents itself as an excellent alternative to AutoCAD. It includes all the tools and functions you might require for your civil engineering, architecture or building projects.

In CYPE you’ll encounter a number of applications that will help you complete your projects, such as CYPECAD, CYPECADMEP, Archimedes, New Metal 3D, etc. Each of these tools will let you design and plan different elements, but they integrate perfectly to make your final work consistent.

In this CAD program, your projects are divided into four different modules: management, documentations, structures and installations. You’ll design 2D plans, work on 3D structure models, carry out calculations related to fire resistance, soldered joints, resistance to earthquakes and other factors, set up the budget and even plan the electrical or plumbing system, among many other things.

CYPE is adapted to international legislation and regulations that must be fulfilled in different parts of the structure, so your projects will always conform to the required legal framework. Besides, it´s compatible with a large number of formats, so you’ll work without any problems with other assisted design programs.

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• Modules integrated with one another
• Respects international policies and regulations
• Large number of tools

• Requires specific knowledge

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Type Shareware

Version 2013

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