Daemon Tools Lite


Daemon Tools Lite, there’s nothing simpler when it comes to managing disk images


  • Supports up to 4 units.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with a large number of formats.


  • If you’re using it for professional reasons, it could be a little limited. In this case, use Daemon Tools Pro.

Daemon Tools Lite is one of the most important programs for managing disk images. Anyone who’s edited disk images before will testify to its excellent benefits.

The king of disk images

In the moment of formatting a computer or backing up copies, it’s vital to have to hand a simple way in which to save data and system configuration settings to avoid wasting time inputting every parameter again. It’s in this moment we use disk images. And, of course, we need a good piece of software to carry it out, like Daemon Tools Lite, the program that provides this essential service.

In the moment of uploading an image, Daemon Tools Lite supports up to four units at once, within which it's possible to place a virtual images of any size. If they’ve been created via another program, it’s no problem as Daemon Tools Lite will deal with it easily. It’s a pretty comprehensive program for the average window user, but if you need something with more depth it’s best to go for Daemon Tools Pro.

Daemon Tools Lite and creating disk images

With Daemon Tools Lite you can create images and system backup copies whether they’re in MDX, MDS, or ISO format. It’s also possible to copy audio or video optical data disks rapidly, and leave them saved on your hard drive.

Despite the fact that virtual images are the copyright pirate’s best friend (for games, mainly), what’s certain is that it’s become one of the favorite formats of users everywhere. With Daemon Tools Lite, you can also edit images you already have, burn an image to a blank CD or DVD, create a boot disk on a USB stick, or even connect remotely to a virtual images that you find on another computer.

Few applications for Windows are so comprehensive and useful as Daemon Tools Lite. Discover this little gem for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

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Type Shareware


Size 773.16 kB

Other versions 10.7.0 10.6.0 10.5.1