Dark Void


Dark Void

Dark Void is a third-person shooter that will take you to a strange world in which you must survive the attack of a race of aliens. Wholesale action and stupendous 3D graphics await you in this new adventure.

The storyline is one of the most attractive aspects of Dark Void. During World War II, William Augustus Grey, a combat pilot, disappears in the Bermuda Triangle and reappears in a mysterious world known as Void, where he will have to fight against the Watchers, a race of aliens. The fight will be merciless, since the survival of the planet depends on its result.

You will have to defeat these malicious beings both on land an in the air, using diverse weapons and equipment.

An interesting feature in this game is its graphic engine, based on Unreal Engine 3. Although it needs a powerful computer to make it look best, those that have relatively well-equipped PCs will be able to fully enjoy Dark Void.


- High graphics quality
- Well-designed storyline


- Requires a very powerful computer
- Hard to control

Dark Void requirements:

- 2.4 GHz processor
- GeForce 7900 or Radeon HD 3850 graphics card
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Size 315 B

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