DataCAD is a 3D modeling application, ideal for all your design and architecture projects.

The ideal tool to create your own home

There are many computer aided design applications. However, something that makes this CAD program stand out from other, similar ones, such as AutoCAD for example, is that it´s especially design to create architectural projects.

DataCAD 14 includes tools to design buildings, that will help you create both 2D and 3D designs. For example, as you design, the program can insert openings such as doors and windows automatically. You’ll also be able to resize and project objects associatively, among other options oriented towards a much more dynamic design.

Another feature worth pointing out is that it lets you work on a two-dimensional draft or design, while recreating a 3D model automatically, to let you see how your project is going. This 3D-model can be rendered with a photorealistic technique, letting you edit lights, shadows, textures and other details.

But this program doesn’t only present CAD solutions for the architect; it also keeps in mind the needs for building up the project. Thus, after easily designing the sketches and generating a virtual model of the building, you’ll be able to “move it around” to see details such as the framing of the floor and the molding. To top it off, you’ll be able to export the project generating a list of materials required for each of the project’s stages; this will undoubtedly save you time and effort.

DataCAD is known for its simple interface, much more intuitive than that of other, similar applications. This, combined to its large number of specific tools, make it the choice of a large majority of architects and contractors, to simplify their work.

If you need a utility to help you design a building, create blueprints or carry out architectural projects, then this is the program you were looking for. Download DataCAD for free!

• Specific tools for architects and contractors
• 2D and 3D design
• Automatic creation of three-dimensional models
• Easy to use compared to similar applications

• Nothing to report

DataCAD limitations:
• Watermark
• Restricted features
• 45-day trial
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Version 14.03.00

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