Deckadance 2


Deckadance was already a powerful tool for DJs, V2 is even better!


  • Extremely efficient & flexible
  • GrossBeat allows for more creativity
  • Vertical waveform
  • You suit yourself with how it looks
  • Beat-GRID editing
  • Internal recording -> WAV
  • Easy-to-handle MIDI mapping
  • VST
  • iTunes Library Support


  • Slight snag in playback
  • Missing some controllers & plug-in support

Procreated by programmers and DJs alike, Deckadance is an application filled full with functionality and surprise features to make it one of the best DJ mixing tools currently available for download to your desktop.

As of its current release, Deckadance 2 has become well-known, and made particularly eminent by many industry professionals as extremely dynamic and reciprocal in a time where DJs are cultivating a new wave of creative styles that incorporate more live remixing than ever before.

Deckadance 2 has many new controls that match if not exceed those of similar applications. For instance, its interface is fully customizable! It holds a sampler and smart panels, and offers MIDI and iTunes support. The software is now even four deck-compatible, and to every user’s excitement, this anticipates a sharp influx of rivalry between that of it and another software known as Traktor. In addition to these changes, the design of the product has become more aesthetically engaging as each waveform comes to life in vibrant multicolour.

The application can be used as an independent system or by way of VST (virtual studio technology). This places the user in the simulated surrounds of conventional studio hardware as software embedded in smart interface design, with many synth and sound effects.

The developers really thought outside the box this time round, but with eight years of market experience to their name they would have wanted to. And that they did, showing off the massively ‘cool’ component of Deckadance 2- the way in which it gives the DJ a new handling of the effects-chain, allowing them to highlight the high, mid, and low frequency and subjectively apply differential actions to each band separately.

Another fantastic feature of the application is that it allows DJs to view waveforms vertically in the middle of the control panel, made visible by a clickable tab. The major advantage of this is that, well, if you don’t have a wide screen to stretch out your track data, it can become a bit of a horizontal challenge! That you get to see the waveforms both ways is a major plus in the art of performance for a DJ!

Download Deckadance 2 if you haven’t already, you will never miss a beat!

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Type Shareware

Version 2

Size 71.35 MB

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