Save space by removing duplicated files from your computer

DeDupler is a small and free PC program with which you’ll be able to eliminate duplicate files from your system, to quickly save space on your hard disk.

Unlike other cleaning programs, DeDupler for Windows is specialized in detecting and eliminating duplicate files in the fastest and most efficient possible way. It isn’t full of complicated functions and superfluous tools, so it doesn’t use much space and only uses a minimum amount of resources.

DeDupler is very easy to use, since it will complete an analysis of your system in just a few steps. It offers the option of scanning the complete hard disk or only processing specific locations to speed up the process. Once it´s ready, it will list all the results of identical files, to let you decide which one you want to eliminate. Besides, it will show you a report with all the analysis details, which you can check later.

Finally, it should be noted that DeDupler requires no installation, and is configured in a few seconds. It is completely portable, meaning that you can take it around on a USB memory when you need it.

What are you waiting for to download DeDupler for free?

• Requires no installation
• Easy to use
• Complete and fast analyses

• Includes no advanced features

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Type Freeware

Version 1.1

Size 426.5 kB

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