Earn the favor of the gods and become the next ruler of the underworld in this great MOBA game


  • Strong MOBA-style gameplay
  • Cinematic view of the battlefield for maximum control and micromanagement
  • Choose your Demigod to be your champion, each with their own strengths
  • Capture enemy flags and earn War Points to purchase upgrades, reinforcements, and more
  • Play against up to ten other players online, host games, configure options your way
  • Well textured graphics for units and environments
  • Earn Favor Points with the gods and become their next ruler


  • Some glitches for automated units

Demigod is a free strategy MOBA game for PC, developed by Wargaming Seattle (Gas Powered Games). Battle against others in huge arenas to become the next god of the underworld. The game is available here as a demo version only. 

A Divine Battle

The story of the game is short, but compelling. The 87th migration from the underworld convened, and all the gods gathered to discuss who would be next to join their ranks. It seemed, however, that amongst the candidates, the best options were not from their own ranks at all, but demigods: the offspring of god and mortal man. Owing to a mistake on the part of the gods for revealing their knowledge to these humans, to rectify it they decide to host their usual battle royale and pit these humans against one another. The result is a series of massive online multiplayer battles and is the modern basis for MOBA games. 

Core Gameplay and Features

Battles in Demigod take place between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness, hardly the most original concept. I can guess why most are reading this review, so let's hop straight into the multiplayer aspect of this game. Similar to other online games, players host games and join games in lobbies, configure game options, choose arenas and battle for glory. Battles can be between four and ten players, with eight maps available for this purpose. 

Before beginning a battle, you must pick your Demigod. These are divided into Generals and Assassins, or tactical (defensive) and offensive units. Each demigod has two strengths, such as increased fire damage, HP draining, or durability, with each demigod having an advantage over another. Similar to other MOBAs, the Demigod will act as your 'champion' and will be your main means of attack. 

The user interface for the game will be familiar to MOBA players. For newcomers, it's recommended that you play against AI-controlled opponents to get used to it. A cinematic, overhead view is offered so that a player can quickly survey the battle field. Units can be monitored by hovering over them, displaying key information including HP, Mana, cooldown times for abilities, etc. At the bottom of your screen is your highlighted unit's Health and Mana. Accessing your Inventory will show additional information including experience, armor, weapon damage, range and movement speed. Each general will have various abilities, accessible using buttons below your Health and Mana bars. These vary from magic (fire and ice) to ranged attacks to melee-based combat. 

The main objective in any battle is to capture and hold enemy flags and ultimately to destroy the enemy's citadel. Holding flags will earn War Points for the team and will increase their rank. This will allow them to purchase new upgrades and Reinforcements, a series of specialized units who will fight automatically for you. These vary from basic Soldiers to Priests to Giants, each requiring both a specific rank and sum of gold. Multipliers are applied to your War Score should you hold 60% or more of enemy flags.

When a battle concludes, each player will be awarded 'Favor Points' which indicates their favor with the gods. These points are the sole determinant of who wins or loses a tournament. These points can be exchanged for various special items. Favor is increased the most by winning a match (+75), but also by participating (+40), most assists (15), most structures destroyed (15) and other achievements.

Shops and Upgrades

To be successful in battle, you must outfit your demigod correctly. This can be done through the various equipment and accessory shops. Gloves, Rings, Boots, Helmets and other gear can mean the difference between victory or defeat, boosting stats and affording unique percentage-governed abilities. Consumables can also be purchased to restore Health and Mana during battle. Items can be purchased using gold, earned through battling regularly. 

Graphics, Visuals and Sound

As an early prototype of the MOBA genre, graphics are not too impressive. Zooming in fully will not offer the best experience. Graphics, nonetheless, are finely detailed for all units, with great colors, shadows and textures for armor, spells and other mechanics. The overall atmosphere and feel of a battle is quite well done, with battle cries, great sound effects for spells and endless comments from your champion flaunting his power. Arenas are also quite well designed, though I did notice occasional glitches when my reinforcements became trapped in stone. 

The Verdict

As a MOBA, Demigod definitely passes the test. Multiplayer gameplay is solid and highly competitive, with plenty of maps to suit any play style. Picking your demigod becomes a similarly individual exercise, with specific strengths and weaknesses designed for tactical play. Whether you want to wall up as a Rook or maul opponents to death using the Unclean Beast, your champion will be the deciding factor in a battle. Outfitting them with armor, purchasing consumables, and upgrading them throughout a battle adds a further layer of depth here. The graphics, while not the best, still offer distinctive differences in textures, shadowing and other effects, in particular for your champions. Climb to the top of the leaderboards with Favor Points and become the next god of the underworld! Download the demo for free now

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