Create animated background screens with special effects with DeskScapes 8


  • Animated backgrounds.
  • Wallpaper gallery.
  • Support for numerous monitors.


  • Doesn’t let you change other aspects of the desktop.

DeskScapes 8 is an application for personalizing your PC, which offers you new ways of displaying a screen background. The program comes with tools to create animated wallpapers, add effects, accommodate backgrounds across multiple monitors, and more.

In its latest version, DeskScapes for Windows 8 is compatible with every aspect of the Microsoft’s new operating system, as well as keeping compatibility for Windows 7 and older versions.

Ease above all else

DeskScapes 8 is very easy to use, and guides you step-by-step through each process, so you won’t need to waste any time applying the wallpaper you want. For ease of use, the preview screen will show you the final product in real time so you know it’s going to appear exactly as you want, right to the last detail.

One of the most interesting features of DeskScapes 8 is the option to animate desktop backgrounds to use on your computer. You can use videos in WMV format instead of a wallpaper, and animate static wallpapers to inject it with life and personality for your workplace.

That’s not all. DeskScapes 8 also has features to modify and sterilize image. Add any type of effect, texture, change of focus, animated effects, and change the color of any wallpaper with complete freedom. You can also modify the color pallette, apply masks to change just one section, or select some colors to preserve and change the rest. 

The gallery of infinite animations

On downloading DeskScapes 8 not only will you be able to make your own creations, but you’ll also have access to an extensive gallery of backgrounds (static and animated) that you’ll have complete freedom to download. In the same way, you can access wallpapers made and shared by other users, and download those that interest you.

It’s worth highlighting that DeskScapes 8 includes support for various monitors. If you normally use more than one screen, it could be difficult to get exactly what you’re after manually. The program will help you to choose a background for each monitor, stretch an image across all monitors, or apply animations to all of them.

In conclusion, DeskScapes 8 is a comprehensive application, which will give you complete control of your screen’s appearance and freshen it up no end.

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Type Shareware

Version 8.50

Size 72.29 MB

Other versions

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