Desura is an independent game portal from which you’ll be able to download demos, complete titles and extra contents, both free and paid.

All the entertainment in a single place

This online shop is a platform similar to http://english.eazel.com/steam-p81675 Steam], with titles in all categories. Whether it´s games from big developers, from independent ones, action, adventure, role-playing or strategy games, etc., all your favorite games are available for download, as well as their associated contents.

All you have to do is use the built-in search engine or browse the categories, and when you find what you want, access the title’s data sheet. There you’ll see a brief description, reviews, screenshots, videos, news and even comments from other community members.

Something that is definitely worth pointing out is that users can create their own contents and upload it to the platform to share it with others. Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy an immense number of mods for your favorite titles, all on the same platform.

If you want to enjoy game demos and expand your library, download this Desura Client and start exploring.

• Free games
• Contents created by the users
• A large database
• Easy to browse

• Not as complete as Steam
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Type Freeware

Version 100.53

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