Improve the graphics of video games and more using Directx 11

Tons of games are out there boasting about their amazing graphics, calling them everything from “hyper realistic” to “jaw dropping”. However, the way you experience these supposedly excellent graphics depends a whole lot on what kind of hardware you are using to play said game. If you don’t have a very powerful computer, you probably won’t have the same experience as someone who has the latest in computer technology. However, you can install things onto your computer that will improve the graphics. Directx 11 is a graphics component for PC that will do this for you.

Directx 11 of course also improves the quality of any multimedia experience, be it video or otherwise. It features improved 3D viewing, so if you want to watch that latest movie on your PC that just came out in 3D you are in luck, as it will look amazing thanks to this component. This component of course is also utilized to create the graphics, sometimes 3D, for video games. Game developers will notice that it helps a lot when using multi-core processors.

Directx 11 takes hardware tessellation to the next level. It also includes Shader Model 5.0 that will greatly improve the quality of any graphics. If you have any older versions of Directx 11, you will be happy to know that, thanks to backwards compatibility, you won’t have any issues using files from those versions. Download Directx 11 free for PC and experience the difference in graphics, either while watching or creating.

• Improved overall graphics
• 3D graphics
• Multi-core processor support
• Improved hardware tessellation
• Shader Model 5.0
• Backwards compatibility with older versions

• May use up a lot of resources
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Type Freeware

Version 1.0

Size 43.01 MB

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