DirectX, for the largest collection of multimedia APIs


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DirectX is a complete multimedia library developed by Microsoft and aimed at those users who are interested in finding the best tool for making the most of Windows. It’s not just good- it’s essential for improving the performance of video and audio files in Windows.

How to find the best content libraries for Windows with DirectX

Installing DirectX means having access to a massive variety of multimedia API libraries, all of them key for multimedia operation on your computer.
So, what’s an API? Put simply, it’s a ‘layer’ of software that allows two different programs to contact each other. For example, when you play a game it connects with some of the DirectX APIs in order to show 3D graphics on your screen or play sound through your speakers.
Among the APIs that include DirectX, we can include the intriguing Direct 3D, with its programs that develop content with 3D graphics, Direct Input, which improves processing capacity of PC game accessories, and Direct Sound, which increases the quality of sound files. The best way to discover the possibilities is to simply download and install the program.

Play, and let Windows take charge

When it comes to getting the best performance from games, it’s not enough to have the latest graphics card or most outlandish peripherals the market has to offer. You need quality software. In this respect, DirectX has components crucial for the playing experience, as fundamental as the video or sound controls. It’s therefore vital to use the latest updates.
It should be noted that DirectX tends to come installed on Windows, however it’s not always updated. It’s worth, then, downloading the latest version; you’ll notice the improvement in the performance of the system as well as the security of the computer.
Don’t bother to download any other video or sound performance programs; download DirectX, get hold of high-quality content, and enjoy discovering everything you can do on your PC with this software.

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