Disk Drill


Recover lost data from a whole range of sources with this great recovery utility for Mac


  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Two scan types depending on time elapsed between deletion and recovery attempt
  • Recover data from multiple storage devices including hard drive, flash drive, SD card, etc.
  • Restore partitions on corrupted devices
  • Supports multiple file systems including HFS, NTFS, FAT16/32, EXT3, EXT4 and others
  • Highly reliable rate of recovery
  • Preview feature lets you view which items are recoverable


  • Recovery rates are very low for certain types of files

Disk Drill is a highly useful data recovery utility for Macintosh, developed by 508 Software LLC. Recover all data deleted or lost from any location with this wonderfully simple utility. The program is available to download in its full version, absolutely free. 

Permanence for your Files

Computer users are continuously on the go, downloading and deleting files with little regard for whether they might need them in the future. Not remaining organized will result in files being misplaced, corrupted or even deleted without our knowledge. This is not usually that bothersome unless it happens to be information of a particularly sensitive nature, that is one of a kind, or that is very important to the user. While the Recycling Bin or an equivalent tool will save your files to an extent, once it is emptied users are at a loss as to how to proceed. This is where Disk Drill comes in, a handy utility for Mac that will enable you to recover your lost files with ease, ensuring that, from then on, no file will ever be permanently lost. 

Overview and Features

Just like any other item you lose, time is of the essence. With Disk Drill, this is no different. The program is fast-acting, offering two separate scanning methods. The Quick Scan is for files that were very recently deleted and has a high rate of success at recovering all associated data and meta data, such as the original file name. The Deep Scan is for files that have been deleted longer ago. The rate of success here is not as high, but is still very impressive. 

The success of a scan depends on many variables. First, Disk Drill is versatile and is capable of scanning multiple file systems including HFS, NTFS, FAT16/ 32, EXT, EXT4 and others. This ensures that whatever type of data the file was encoded in, Disk Drill will find it. This might sound a bit technical for some users, but the program's interface makes everything easy to handle, with little need to know the ins and outs of file systems. Depending on the file system, Disk Drill may have a tougher time conducting a successful scan. Each scanning option can be accessed from the main window. 

Similarly, Disk Drill supports multiple file formats, meaning whatever type of file was lost, it will be recoverable. This includes files, documents, media including photos and videos and many more

The program is able to extract data from any storage device, whether it be a hard drive, a USB, Kindles, an external hard drive, a flash drive, an SD card, etc. This makes it one of the most versatile programs out there, and ensures that you won't have to use another program for this purpose. It will also be able to restore partitions to a storage device to access any data on it. Similarly, Disk Drill supports multiple file formats, meaning whatever type of file was lost, it will be recoverable. This includes files, documents, media including photos and videos and many more. When you have completed a scan, the degree of success can be measured by the number of items showing up in the 'Preview' window, each of which are recoverable and usable. Although the program will scan your entire hard drive or specified storage device by default, it will also allow you to specify a particular file format and recover files of that type, which is quite handy. 

Another side of the program is its security features. In addition to scanning and recovering your files, it will ensure that nothing happens to them once recovered. Recovery Vault will track every file removed from your Mac and remembers its location; Guaranteed Recovery makes a copy of every file deleted from your Trash; SMART Monitoring monitors your hard drive for any signs of failure. Together, these features ensure that your files are safe and secure and will only be removed fully if you want them to be. 

The Verdict

Disk Drill is a highly sophisticated, but surprisingly easy-to-use program that will maintain your files, recover lost ones and guarantee their permanence on your machine. Its scanning methods are tailored to the length of time between deletion and recovery and although success is not guaranteed, the program is highly effective. Once recovered, you can secure them from further tampering or deletion through a host of security features. The interface for the program is easy to use, and there is little or no learning curve for users. If you're not that tech savvy, not to worry! If you're someone with a lot of data to manage, Disk Drill is the way to go. The Pro version will offer you a little bit more, but the free version available here is more than sufficient for most users' needs. 

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