DivX Play Bundle


DivX Play Bundle

DivX Player and Codec 6 are bundled together in DivX Play Bundle. Once you have this software pack, you can enjoy watching the high-quality DivX files having advanced features. You get the interactive Video Menus, Multiple Subtitles, Metadata and Alternate Audio Tracks.
DivX Player is adapted for playing DivX files with various great features of DivX format; for example – chapters, scene selection menus, subtitles, audio tracks and video tags. Additionally, this software is enhanced to provide full functionality of DivX HD Video using the new features like performance adaptive quality enhancement with the help of the latest DivX decoder (Codec).
DivX Player is equipped to play any version of the increasing library of innumerable DivX Video-On-Demand movies. The DivX codec extends supports for all popular file formats of various media players. This play bundle also supports various languages like English, German, French, and Japanese.
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Type Shareware

Version 10.8.6

Size 2.34 MB

Other versions

10.8.6 10.8.5 10.8.4 10.8.3 10.8.2