DivX Plus Player


DivX Plus Player

DivX Plus Player is a powerful video player and an interesting manager of multimedia libraries that supports multiple formats and has numerous options.

This program is capable of playing back DivX, AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV with a high quality and definition. But it also offers the option of using up to 8 audio tracks and multiple subtitles.

In the same way that DivX Plus Player offers a clear and fluid video playback, the audio has nothing to envy. Now it is possible to enjoy videos and movies with surround-sound, thanks to the inclusion of the 5.1 AAC channels. Besides, the new technologies used in the player make it possible to get a more crystalline sound with a considerable reinforcement of low frequencies.

All this is crowned by a modern and attractive interface that includes responsive and simple controls, making DivX Plus Player a very desirable alternative for playing back videos.


- High image and audio quality
- Intuitive interface


- Requires a lot of hard disk space
- High usage of system resources
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Type Freeware

Version 10.4.1

Size 0.97 MB

Other versions

10.4.1 9.0.1 8.2.1 8.0.1 6.8.1 Beta 1