DivX with DivX Player


Watch, navigate and edit films easily in your computer

DivX with DivX Player is a complete media player with built-in editing functions, especially designed to make you enjoy playing back a movie due to its simplicity and quality.

Enjoy movies on the PC and on portable devices

This application combines the functions of various programs in a single one. The tools that the user can find include the one called “DivX To Go”. With this option it is possible to convert the format of video clips so they can be watched on diverse devices such as portable DVD players, game consoles, cell phones and many others.

DivX with DivX Player has a limited format support, but this is compensated by the program’s great functionality, combined with the simplicity of a clear interface.

Your movies, more accessible

Thanks to DivX with DivX Player you’ll be able to see your movies more fluidly. One of the features that distinguish this program from its competitors is the way it lets the user navigate through the movie. The application lets you go forwards and backwards in the sequence in a fluid, gentle and precise way, without great jumps like those that happen with most players. Besides, the movie is split in extracts, to make it easier to access different parts of it.

Benefits of DivX with DivX Player

This program is especially good to play back high-quality movies, such as those in MKV or Blu-ray format. Besides, it allows to separate the audio into up to 8 channels (depending on the hardware features) and carry out sound configurations.

Another feature worth pointing out is the organization that this program brings to the computer. DivX with DivX Player includes a multimedia library that lets the user efficiently organize their files under specific criteria to make them more accessible.

In summary, DivX with DivX Player is a complete player that lets you convert formats, play back sounds and images in high quality and that displays a high usability.

• Intuitive interface
• Doesn’t use a lot of resources
• Multimedia library
• High image and audio quality

• Limited format support

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Type Shareware

Version 10.2.3

Size 0.95 MB

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10.2.3 10.0.1 8.0.0