DJ Studio 5


This app is excellent for on-the-move pro DJ-mixing


  • 2 turntables with 8 excellent effects
  • Brilliant UI and design
  • Good for Pros and Newbies


  • Nothing noteworthy

DJ Studio 5 is a DJ-mixing app for Android that combines professionalism with on-the-go performance. It is the number one DJ app on the market with over 10 million downloads so far.

The application is specifically designed for mobile, giving DJs the ability to mix, scratch, loop and pitch tracks anywhere. The user-interface is significantly easier to use than other DJ software without overly complex ways of making X do Y. This means that while it’s a great app for experts, it’s also one that can assist in learning the art of the DJ.

DJs pull music from their library by folder, artist, album or song. The application has 2 turntables, both with cross-fader so they can interlace sounds. It has a dynamic scratch engine that demonstrates unique disc physics. There are 8 effects that DJs can use to make mixes sound earth-shattering such as Phaser, Flanger, Gate, Reverb, Bit Crusher, 3D, Brake and FlippingDouble.

The application has recall points, as well as beat based looping. DJ Studio 5 give you the ability to live record with mic, as well as auto-mix and view live sound spectrum with localization and zoom. It is compatible with mp3 and wav which are the two most popular music file-formats. The app also integrates with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and SoundCloud so that DJs can instantly share their mixes.

DJ Studio 5 is by far the best application for DJs on the market currently, it is excellent and really worth the download.

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Type Freeware

Version 5.0.6

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