Word processing software without further complexity


  • User interface set with tabs in order to work on several documents at once
  • Microsoft Word look & feel
  • Text edition under several formats


  • Low performance with large documents

When typing on the computer, one of the biggest problems is that the most commonly used market programs come loaded with so many tools that most users do not know how to use them. So, something that should be simple becomes quite an odyssey.

Unlike its competitors, Document.Editor is software very easy to use and to edit text. From the start, its similar interface to Microsoft Word, which includes the most commonly used and essential, is a great way to express how friendly this software should be.

A distinctive feature of Document.Editor is not working with lots of formats for conventional documents, since it focus primarily in DOCX, TXT and RTF. However, it is remarkable the excellent performance that has with HTML and XAML files, which means that Document.Editor is an interesting tool to review those file types. Without being a tool for web development, Document.Editor is perfect for quick editions on such documents.

Create, edit and export to several formats

Then, Document.Editor is similar to any other text editor: you can choose the format and font of text, align or center paragraphs, underline, delete, list items and anything you can think of. It also has tools to check spelling and grammar, translate words and even to find definitions and synonyms of selected words.

Notably, Document.Editor also offers text to speech (TTS) service, a highly valued resource in professional tools, with which allows you to export your results in a sound file. Also, Document.Editor converts documents into files compatible with WordPress or e-mail, upload files to an FTP server or in a fully editable image in any graphical utility.

Document.Editor is an amazing way to work with documents.

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Type Freeware

Version 2015.6

Size 3.46 MB

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