Videogame consoles are among the most successful and innovative products in recent times. These small devices have revolutionized the world of entertainment, presenting a convenient option with a great capacity. However, this type of devices tends to be expensive, and not everybody has access to them.

For this reason, a program has been developed that will emulate a console’s operation on your PC. Thus, you’ll be able to simulate that you have a Wii, a GameCube or a Triforce, without moving from your chair nor investing a single penny to achieve this. You’ll simply have to download Dolphin for free and start enjoying its benefits.

Enter a fantastic universe

This excellent software stands out through its combination of quality and simplicity in a single product. The first featurehas to do with the excellent level with which the applications inserted are represented. In some cases, it will even seem to you that the graphics and sounds are much better on your computer than on your Wii, for example. Besides, it supports all sorts of games, regardless of the developing company or the publication date, since it´s possible to run from the latest publications to those that are somewhat older.

The second peculiarity is simply observed in its environment and tools. Once you decide to download Dolphin you’ll encounter a dynamic and intuitive interface, in which you’ll have quick access to all the options you need. The option that will interest you the most will be precisely the emulation, but you’ll also notice options to control sound volume, screen resolution or the type of code required for running a program.

It´s important to note that Dolphin includes an enormous number of plug-ins, so you won’t need to download additional items to enjoy the tool. Finally, it´s worth noting that you’ll be able to load games in different formats, whether they have been downloaded from the Internet, saved on a CD or DVD or stored on some external device. The only thing you’ll have to keep in mind is that the original consoles should be GameCube, Wii or Triforce, since these are the devices compatible with the program.

In summary, if you want a conveniently big time entertainment at a low cost , don’t hesitate any longer: download Dolphin now and let the fun start!

• Excellent console emulator
• Compatible with GameCube, Wii andTriforce
• Good graphics and sound quality
• Large number of options

• Uses a lot of system resources
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Type Freeware

Version 5.0

Size 18.43 MB

Other versions

5.0 3.5-367 3.0-589 (32bit) 3.0-589 (64bit)