Don't Starve


Employ all your cunning to survive in the fun and challenging Don't Starve!


  • Survival and adventure game
  • Well-developed argument
  • You must get and manage your own resources
  • 3D sceneries and 2D characters
  • Permanent updates


  • Nothing to report

Don't Starve is an adventure game that will challenge you to survive in the midst of nature while being surrounded by impressive science and fantasy elements. You’ll have to enter an unexplored world, and gather and manage your own resources to win the games.

In Don't Starve, you’ll give life to Wilson, a notable scientist that has been sent by a demon to a savage and threatening world. In this context, it will be your mission to explore everything around you to find the conditions required to return home. Your first task, however, will consist in surviving the dangers that threaten you, and unraveling the mysteries hidden in this place.

Your character will find himself in a completely new and unexplored place, where the appearance of unknown obstacles and strange creatures will be commonplace. Thus, the challenge will be to collect certain materials and useful items to build a shelter and to survive the hardships that confront you.

On the other hand, Don't Starve will present you with enigmatic 3D sceneries through which you’ll move without limitations, while encountering 2D characters. There will also be continuous updates in the game conditions and in the available maps, thanks to the large user community from all over the world.

In summary, even though it isn’t possible to download Don't Starve yet, with this version you’ll have access to an excellent exploration adventure. You’ll be really amazed by the possibilities offered by Don’t Starve on Steam, since it will include multiple game options in a challenge for survival that will find you alone, helpless and completely devoid of artifacts.

Finally, if you want to get Don't Starve Full, here we offer you the Steam installer to let you buy the complete game and start the challenge. Don’t waste any time, and experience the most disturbing adventures in an unknown and adverse world! 

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Type Paid Software

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