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Try a new way to play WoW with Dota 2 for PC

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online strategy game mod that takes the plot of WoW and brings it to the battle arena.

WoW of course is probably one of the most popular MMO games out there, so it isn’t much of a surprise that tons of developers create new mods every day for it. However, many gamers are immersed now in the world of games like WoW that they fail to see what else is out there to play, even when it was born of the very game they worship so. There is so much more to explore out there, as this mod shows.

Gameplay for Dota 2 is reasonably simple: you fight along with the rest of your team to defend your tower from the opposing team, who are doing exactly the same. The team placed in the southwest corner of the field is referred to as the Radiant faction, whereas the team in the northeast corner is the Dire faction. You can choose from up to 98 “heroes” or characters, each with their own abilities and 4 weapons to upgrade to. Each hero is either very agile, physically strong, or very intelligent.

Dota 2 gets its name from the original mod, of course. The structure that each team is defending contains yet another structure called the Ancient. Thus, the name Defense of the Ancients (Dota). One main theme in the game is coordination within a team. Unfortunately, entire battles can be lost if one member is stupidly or pointlessly killed, as it can take up to a full minute for the player to respawn. This, however, is probably the only bad part of this excellent mod.

Download Dota 2 free for PC and start playing WoW in a whole new way!

• Simple gameplay
• Up to 98 “heroes” to choose from
• Each “hero” has 4 weapons
• Focuses on team coordination

• Respawning takes a few seconds
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Type Freeware

Version Steam

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