Dragon Ball Heroes


144 classic characters, dozens of stages, and a wonderful atmosphere in this amazing Dragon Ball mod


  • 144 available characters from all Dragon Ball eras
  • 70 stages
  • Simple rules with card stats and abilities clearly labeled
  • Strong fighting mechanics
  • Unleash your power meter to perform even bigger combos


  • Many features lost in mod version

Dragon Ball Heroes is a free Japanese fighting game for PC, developed by Namco Bandai games, which allows you to battle it out with all of your favorite Dragon Ball characters in a virtual reality of epic scale. The game is available here as a mod version of the original arcade game. 

Getting Started

Since it was originally an arcade game, Dragon Ball Heroes requires some external input from the player in the form of Capsule cards. These are cards which contain fighters you can use in battle. In the modded version, however, which is what we will be focusing on, these physical cards are absent, being replaced by virtual ones. As such, all you'll need to get started is your name/ username. 

Core Gameplay

The tradition of gaming, in particular card gaming, in Japan is an immensely popular one. Indeed, there is often very little separation between the concept of Dragon Ball and the media it uses: manga, anime, merchandise, video games, card games, and so on. The anime in particular has become a phenomenon of great renown in the past two decades. This card game, known as Dragon Ball Heroes, lets you battle your favorite Dragon Ball characters against one another. 

While not as complicated as other anime-based card games (Yu-Gi-Oh for example) the game is still highly enjoyable. The modded version presents the game in its rawest form, bypassing preliminaries and taking you straight to the action. The user interface presents the user with a total of 144 playable characters, each with their own stats, strengths, weaknesses and abilities. The main stats are Attack and Defense, used when calculating the victor in a battle. When you have chosen your character and one of the many stages, you can hop into a fight. The game contains various modes including arcade, co-op, versus and more. Arcade mode is designed to emulate the original Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game as well as the console version of the game released some time after. 

The game plays like a standard fighting game. Each fighter has an energy meter and a power meter. The fighter is defeated if his energy meter runs out. The power meter is used to generate even bigger combos during a battle

The game plays like a standard fighting game. Each fighter has an energy meter and a power meter. The fighter is defeated if his energy meter runs out. The power meter is used to generate even bigger combos during a battle. Stats on your cards have little bearing on the outcome of a fight since it becomes far more about individual skill than anything else. As one would expect from a Dragon Ball game, fights are full of over-the-top vocals, powers and expressions of will and strength. Goku simply wouldn't be himself without them. 

Graphics, Visuals and Sound

The game bears typical tropes of Japanese animations and graphical design, with anime-style artwork, bright colors, streaks, and other interesting effects. Graphics in fights are surprisingly impressive for a mod, with great texturing and lighting for energy blasts, teleportation and other abilities of characters. Most impressive is the level of detail put into each and every character, including movesets, physics and overall look. 

The Verdict

If you are a fan of the Dragon Ball legacy that has spanned for over twenty years, then this game will be an excellent addition to your collection. With 144 characters to choose from, unique powerups, stats and abilities as well as dozens of classic stages, whatever era of Dragon Ball you enjoy, there's bound to be a character to fit your needs. Fights progress like other fighting games, only with a host of dynamic features including bigger combos and special abilities that make fights seem epic and interesting. Dragon Ball Heroes is a great mod for its arcade counterpart, bringing all of your favorite foes into the heat of battle. Download it now for free!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.1 (v. 3)

Size 509.75 MB

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1.1 (v. 3)