Dragon City


Become a Dragon Master by breeding your very own fire breathing dragon in Dragon City


  • Take care of your own virtual dragon
  • Battle against friends online
  • Bright and beautiful graphics.
  • Very entertaining for younger users


  • Children’s game, not suitable for adults.

Dragon City is a fun Android app that allows you to breed, train and look after your own virtual dragon! Ever dreamed of owning your very own dragon? Well Dragon City brings the mythical creatures to life and it is up to you to develop their skills while evolving their habitat and prepping them for battle!

Dragon City is beautiful, bright and attractive world that, aesthetically alone, is very inviting. It is hard not to fall in love with the cute, unique looking dragon that you begin the game by choosing. Once you have picked a dragon the rearing must begin. Reminiscent of Pou you must ensure that your dragon is fed and trained regularly. Neglect your dragon and you’ll lose the game, Dragon City is more about taking care of your creatures than locking horns in battle.

If you are easily bored and are getting tired of your dragon family fear not, every week the developers of Dragon City present you with a brand spanking new dragon. Breeding different dragons together in different combinations allows you to create different types of dragons, for those that enjoy strategy, Sims-type games this feature will provide delight! For some, creating and collecting different and beautiful dragons will be the most exciting elements of Dragon City.

Dragon City, however, is also a battleground. Sign up with your Facebook account and you can challenge your friends’ dragons to battle. Your dragon’s combat ability is improved as its level increases, train and maintain your dragon’s health to reach the next level.

Dragon City is a fun, cute and challenging game that would provide endless entertainment for younger audiences in particular. 

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Type Freeware

Version 2.0

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