Driver Booster, everything you need for updated drivers


  • Trustworthy and efficient.
  • Driver update and repair.
  • Makes backup copies before updating drivers.


  • You might need to add some advanced functions.

One of the problems of Windows lies in the incredible amount of drivers that exist for the average piece of hardware for it to run smoothly. They are network of small programs which, if one of them begin to fail, the whole integrity of the system could be affected. Hence why we have programs such as Driver Booster from IObit, one of the most recognized software developers market.

Driver Booster, the driver manager for Windows

Thanks to Driver Booster you can verify automatically the existence or not of drivers on your computer. You won’t have any issues finding the drivers you need, because the program has a catalog of more than 200,000 drivers.

And there’s more: the security suite lets you repair those that are badly configured or replace them with new ones if they’re corrupt. Your printer, keyboard, monitor, or any other component will never fail you again. Driver Booster is also very simple to use and very safe. You might feel cautious about leaving driver management to an external program, but the truth is with Driver Booster you’ve nothing to worry about.

For laptops, desktop computers and consoles

Something particularly interesting about Driver Booster is that there are no limits; whether you’re a user of a humble laptop, or if you’ve got your hands on the latest computer for gaming, it’s all the same. Driver Booster supports PhysX, DirectX, OpenAL, VC Runtime, Adobe Flash, and UnityWeb. If you want your better-performing games, this program is key.

We guess you’re a little worried for the stability of your PC. Don’t worry, simply request that Driver Booster makes a backup copy of your drivers so that you can restore the old drivers in the event that the updates don’t work as they should.

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