The best option to store and share your files in the cloud


  • Easy to operate.
  • Free storage in the cloud.
  • Can synchronize content between computers and Android devices.


  • Synchronization speed depends on the quality of the internet connection.

Dropbox is a practical application that has been around for some time now, helping with the day to day when working with all kinds of files at work or in our personal lives. Thanks to this program, you can use the cloud to store your wedding photos, pics of your dog, work PDFs, your favorite films, and anything else that crosses your mind.

Dropbox, your virtual storage space

Dropbox is a practical system, in that you’ll have access to your files wherever you are with no need to carry them around with you. All you need is an internet connection and a Dropbox account (which, by the way, is free), and you’re good to go. You can organize the space within the program using a simple file system.

You can also change the settings to manage the files in the way that you want, in this way it’s easy to integrate with the programs already on your PC. The infamous ‘save as’ button takes on a very different role thanks to Dropbox.

Share and synchronize with Dropbox

If you want to share what you’ve uploaded, you have the option to send them a link to the file for them to view or download. You can send the link via email, invite someone to collaborate, or publish the document publically. Dropbox is safe, because you’ll always be in control of how your files are shared.

As we might expect, you don’t need a computer in front of you; you can also use the program on a smartphone or tablet. With a simple mobile app, you can access any file on your account. What’re more, the system is a godsend in that the photos you take on your mobile won’t take up space on your device; just take a photo, press a button, and it will upload directly to Dropbox. Not bad, right?

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Type Freeware

Version 56.4.94

Size 85.48 MB

Other versions

56.4.94 55.4.171 54.4.90 52.4.60 52.4.58