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Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever is the latest edition of the classic action game that, after a 14 years waiting, makes its appearance to continue eliminating aliens and saving the world.

A sequel, adapted to new times

Duke Nukem Forever keeps the spirit of the original game: the great Duke continues overflowing with testosterone, action, violence and women, while trying to save the world once more from aliens. The game goes through various familiar places and doesn’t leave behind its characteristic humor, which parodies the typical action hero and other titles in this genre.

Although the basic premise is still the same, Duke Nukem Forever Demo brings some novelties that update gameplay and give it more variety. Your main objective, obviously, is still shooting as many aliens as possible, using extravagant weapons. You’ll be able to take two weapons at the same time with you, and you’ll have the option to choose between a shotgun, a rocket launcher, a freezing ray and a pistol that shrinks your enemies, so that you can jump or step on them.

Among exaggerated action and crude humor, you’ll find scenes in which you have to drive your monster truck between cliffs, solve some physics puzzles and swim among tubes to find and open valves. You’ll also be able to explore other activities, such as going to a club, play table hockey and solve other types of challenges which, as a reward, increase the “ego bar”, which is Duke’s equivalent of “life”.

The graphics can seem outdated compared with other titles, but the game runs very well on most computers. The soundtrack combines very well with the intense action on every level, and the Duke dialogs are fun, often referring to popular culture or commenting about the game itself.

Tricks in Duke Nukem Forever

Just like its precursors, Duke Nukem Forever lets you use “cheats” and tricks in the single-player campaign. Some of the Duke Nukem3D codes also work in this demo, letting you type DNCLIP to go through walls and DNWEAPONS to get more weapons and ammunition. Other cheats that can be typed include:

INFINITE AMMO: get infinite ammunition for the weapon you are using;
INSTAGIB: enemies explode on the first impact;
INVINCIBILITY: Duke becomes invulnerable;
HEAD SCALE: characters and enemies have disproportionately large heads;
DUKE 3D FREEZE RAY: get the Duke Nukem3D freezing weapon;
GRAYSCALE MODE: the game gets black and white;
GAME SPEED: changes the game speed.

You’ll only be able to use these cheats after winning the game in normal mode, and they won’t let you get achievements or medals, or increase your ego bar.

Duke Nukem Forever Multiplayer

Apart from having fun on your own in the history mode, you’ll also be able to enjoy Duke Nukem Forever online, with people anywhere in the world. You have a large variety of scenarios to choose from, all of them with many places to seek cover or ambush enemies, and strategic points where the typical exaggerated weapons of this game will appear.

You’ll have four game modes to enjoy online, each one with different challenges and their own rules, but all of them full of action and intense excitement. You’ll be able to play “Dukematch” or “Team Dukematch”, equivalent to individual or team-based “deathmatch” games. Basically this is about surviving and eliminating opponents as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, you’ll be able to play “Hail to the King”, a version of “King of the hill”, in which you have to capture a flag and protect it from the other players. Finally, you’ll have the option to play a “Capture the Babe” match, which is “capture the flag”, Duke Nukem style.

In summary, Duke Nukem Forever is a game that tries to keep the style of the classic title, but updates gameplay to modern times. Although the storyline is neither very profound nor original, you’ll surely have fun for quite a while, with exaggerated action, diverse weapons and an entertaining online mode.

• Multiplayer mode
• Intense action
• Large variety of weapons
• Fun dialogs

• Graphics look somewhat dated
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Type Shareware

Version Demo (Steam)

Size 1.53 MB

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