DVD Decrypter

DVD Decrypter is a complete program that will let you copy, burn and convert any DVD that has multimedia contents.

With this application you’ll be able to extract the information from a disc to create a backup copy of your favorite movies or musicals on your computer. DVD Decrypter includes a powerful tool that can effectively bypass all sorts of anticopy protections, such as CSS, Macrovision, CPRM, CPPM and user operation prohibition (UOP).

You’ll have the option of inserting audio, video, multimedia animation or simply data discs. Regardless of the contents, DVD Decrypter will process it with a high quality and precision. Once you have saved all the items on your computer, you’ll have various options. If you want, you’ll play back the audiovisual files on your computer with your favorite utilities, otherwise you’ll save the files to empty discs to deliver information to a work colleague or to listen to your favorite songs while you travel in the car. It will also be possible to recode the files that you get from your DVD using converters, or to change their size, resolution and quality.

It is worth noting that DVD Decrypter has a very intuitive interface, so you’ll have no problem when creating your copies. This software offers you three operating modes:

• File Mode: handles each VOB file individually. You choose this function by pressing the “F” key.
• IFO Mode: extract all the documents from the movie. Choose this option by pressing the “I” key.
• ISO Mode: create and record disc images. With the “R” key you’ll have access to the read mode, and with “W” to the write mode.

In all cases, DVD Decrypter will let you control the copying speed to improve the final product’s performance and quality. Download this excellent application now and start saving your favorite movies on your hard disk or DVD without any restrictions.

• Good tool to rip DVDs
• Three operating modes
• Supports all file types

• Doesn’t offer many editing functions
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Type Freeware


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